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    Lenin Square

    • Telegino, Russia
    • Lenin Square$$
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      Central area of ​​Khabarovsk considered Lenin Square, which are traditionally held major urban events and celebrations.

      First, on the site of the present square was the city cemetery, which was later turned into a wasteland. Over time, a vacant lot cleared and converted to Mykolayiv area, named in honor of the emperor. In 1925 a monument to Lenin Square. B In 1950 the area became one of the largest areas in the country, which began to hold public events.

      Later in the square built a large fountain, which has residents and visitors to rest. Now there are 8 small fountain with a 6-meter swimming pool. Here are concentrated the most important buildings of the city: the administration building, the Academy of Civil Service, Medical University, hotel "Central", branches of banks, hospitals and shops.

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