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    Petrovsky Passage

    • Lipetsk, Russia
    • Petrovsky Passage$$
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      Petrovsky Passage - the historic highway, is one of the oldest streets in Lipetsk. It looks great on the plan of the city, which dates back to 1787 year. In this regard the street connects the Upper Pond Dam with the Cathedral located above the mountain on which is Cathedral Square. In the first half of the XIX century, when the city was the implementation of a new master plan, was the final formation of the street.

      Among the locals widespread second name Petrovsky directions - Petrovsky descent. This is quite true, because all over the street a sufficiently large angle down from the Cathedral Mountain, forming large enough angle. At the bottom is the dam of the Upper ironworks, built in pyatroўskіya times on the river Lіpaўka. Its present name was descent in 1957, when it was a monument to Peter I.

      As for the architecture, the Petrovsky Passage is difficult to call a rich monuments. This street has virtually no development - it is only two buildings, one of which is an architectural monument of the 2nd half of the XIX century, which was located above hotel resort.

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