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    Peter and Paul Fortress

    • Sankt-Peterburg, Russia
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      Peter and Paul Fortress was founded May 27, 1703 According to legend, Peter I chose a place for new fortress - a small Hare Island (in Finnish - Enisaari), located at the mouth of the Neva River. Citadel in the form of stars shastsіkantsovay was based on a draft prepared by French engineer Lambert with the king.

      June 29, 1703 in the center of the fortress laid a small wooden church in the name of the Apostles Peter and Paul, on the spot where in the years 1712-1732 was built stone cathedral. From 1731 to 1858 Peter and Paul Cathedral had the status of the cathedral church of the capital, then was enrolled in the department of court. Cathedral served as the burial place of the reigning House of Romanov. Here are buried Russian emperors and empresses from Peter I to Nicholas II, with the exception of Peter II and John VI. From the cathedral cloister connected Velikoknyazheskaya tomb.

      During the XVIII-XIX centuries on the territory of the fortress were built buildings and structures for different purposes: Botnia house, Artillery tseyhgauz, Mint, curfew and engineering house, a well as a guardhouse and others.

      Already in the XVIII century the fortress became a place of detention for state criminals, in XIX - the main political prison of Russia.

      When Alexander I at the beginning of the XIX century castle was first opened to the public. In the 1900s, in the Peter and Paul Cathedral conducted tours of the imperial necropolis. In 1924 Trubetskoi Bastion prison turned into a museum. In 1954, the complex building the fortress was handed over to the State Museum of the History of Leningrad (St. Petersburg).

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