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    Footbridge in Torzhok

    • Zhitkovo, Russia
    • Footbridge in Torzhok$$
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      The bridge in the city of Torzhok Tvertsa across the river was built in the late XIX century. After some time, was built near the new, was used for the movement of vehicles and the pedestrian bridge made. In the nineties Footbridge restored, and now he is a kind of promenade in the city, a place where walking residents and visitors. In addition to the bridge with beautiful views of the city.

      Since the bridge is located in the center of Torzhok from it are close to many city attractions. On the right bank near the bridge is the Rotunda, built in 1804. Its other name Holy Cross Chapel. It was built over source of mineral water. Also nearby is the famous square on January 9, there is a lot of administrative buildings in the city. On the other side of the bridge is Tveretskaya embankment.

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