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    Pedestrian bridge over the Ural

    • Orenburg, Russia
    • Pedestrian bridge over the Ural$$
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    • The first bridge across the river Ural in Orenburg was built in 1835. In the design and construction of the bridge took part lived at the time in Orenburg Russian writer Vladimir Dal. The bridge was wooden and floating, put it anew each year at the end of the spring flood. Later this bridge replaced the yellow, he, too, was made of wood and time.

      Permanent bridge across the Ural Orenburg appeared only in 1982. It was built at the initiative of the Chairman of the City Council Yuri Garankin. This metal suspension cable-stayed bridge. It was built on two pillars, from which rise two high pylon connected to the top of the letter "P". From each of the pylons depart steel cables supporting the bridge. The bridge is two hundred and twenty feet, and weighs about nine tons. Interestingly, the bridge was built on both sides of the Urals. On the southern shore of construction was carried out in the usual way - across the river. And on the north shore span bridge built along the coast. and then deployed, connecting with the other half.

      Despite its rather large size of the city looks almost weightless. He became one of the most famous sights of the city. In the middle of the bridge is a metal stele marks the symbolic boundary between Europe and Asia. 

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