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    Sandy Lake

    • Novopeschanoe, Russia
    • Sandy Lake$$
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    • Sandy Lake is located in the Altai Territory, in Burlin district. Located at an altitude of 114 meters above sea level. The lake is about 8 kilometers, the width of the lake about 4 kilometers, the lake area 26 square kilometers. The maximum depth of the lake about 4 meters, minimum depth of about half a meter off the coast. In some places there are steep shore, their height is 4 meters. This freshwater lake with a sandy bottom is a great place to relax.

      The lake is surrounded by centuries-old pine forest, which makes it possible to breathe clean air. In the vicinity of the lake there are many resorts, cottage settlements. Additional amenities create bars and cafes that are located on the shores of the lake. Sanatorium and recreation, apart from accommodation, provides plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities: badminton, football, volleyball, table tennis, paragliding, hiking and horseback riding and much more. Recreation "lake" gives its guests rent boats and jet skis for skiing on the lake, winter gives skiing, snowmobiling and ice skating.

      The lake is a paradise for fishermen. In summer you can catch from the shore and from a boat, and there are opportunities for winter fishing. The lake is home to fish such as bream, roach, pike, perch, burbot, pike, ide, in the lake are cancers.

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