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    Pavlo-Obnorsky Monastery

    • Plyushchevo, Russia
    • Pavlo-Obnorsky Monastery$$
    • +7 (81755) 5-42-71
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      Holy Trinity Paўlo-Obnorsky Monastery is one of the oldest Orthodox monastery of Northern Russia. It is located in the Vologda region Gryazovetsky District on the banks of the river Nurma near the place where it empties into the river Obnora River. Founding date this holy monastery is considered to 1414. At that time, a disciple of St. Sergius of Radonezh Obnorsky Paul, who dedicated himself to monastic life, built on the site cell and dug a well. After the blessing, the teacher Paul builds Holy Trinity temple and around the monastery, which was named Paўlo-Obnorsky. After the death in 1429 of St. Paul Obnorsky, his relics are kept in the monastery.

      On the territory of Paўlo-Obnorsky monastery in 1505-1516 years the temple was built Trinity, 5 hours, rectangular two-storey building housing fraternal, abbot's cell.

      During its existence, the building of the monastery and the church was repeatedly subjected to destruction. Since 1924, the monastery was closed and only in 1994 returned to believers. Currently under reconstruction.

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