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    Park of Arts Museon

    • Moscow, Russia
    • Park of Arts Museon$$
    • +7 (499) 238-3396.
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      Park of Arts Museon - unique and the country's only museum of sculpture in the open air. It collected a huge number of different sculptures - some of them belong to unrecognized authors who found no where else can you away from creation and part refers to the Soviet era and narrowly escaped destruction.

      Park is considered the founding date of 1992, however, the first sculpture exhibition held in this place before, in 1983 and 1991. The museum's collection are more than 800 unique works of authorship of stone, bronze, wood and other materials. In the Moscow Sadiq Sculpture merged open-air museum and a seating area. It contains sculptures of different eras and artistic styles: busts of political figures perfectly coexist with fantastic characters.

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