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    Monument internationalists.

    • Peschanyj, Russia
    • Monument internationalists.$$
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    • In Elista decided to immortalize in stone the memory of the soldiers-internationalists who died in Afghanistan, counter-terrorism operations and other local conflicts of the last decades. Currently lives in Kalmykia over 3,000 men, suffered in peacetime hardships of military life. They are risking their lives honorably fulfilled civic duty.
      In order to preserve the memory of heroism, bravery and heroism perpetuate the soldiers not to forget their history and patriotic to educate the younger generation - it was decided to erect a monument. Create monument was entrusted to the artist known kalmytskіya and sculptor Nicholas Galushkіna. This monument to participants of local wars, not to consign to oblivion the names of heroes, was cast in bronze.

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