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    Monument to Valery Chkalov

    • Orenburg, Russia
    • Monument to Valery Chkalov$$
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    • Perspective of the street Soviet Orenburg completes Valery Chkalov monument installed on the city waterfront. The decision to install a monument in the city of the famous Soviet pilot was taken after his tragic death in 1938, in connection with than, the city was renamed in Orenburg, Chkalov. However, while these plans failed to materialize.

      The monument was installed in 1953, in conjunction with the opening to the celebration of the thirty-sixth anniversary of the October Revolution. The monument was made by the Moscow sculptor Mendzelevіch. There is a legend according to which the first monument to be installed in the capital of the square at the Kursk Station. However, if the design of the monument to Stalin showed, he said that he personally knew of Valery Chkalov and sculpture it is quite different. After which it was decided to send a monument to Orenburg.

      Today, a massive bronze statue of Chkalov, stands on a high pedestal granіtnym, behind the monument to converge to the Ural River. Interestingly, that he never Chkalov Orenburg was not.

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