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    Victory Monument - Belfry in Prokhorovka field

    • Pravorot, Russia
    • Victory Monument - Belfry in Prokhorovka field$$
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      Victory Monument - Belfry on Prokhorovsky field, located two kilometers from the village of Prokhorovka, Belgorod region. This monumental building was erected in the 50th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War, in May 1995. Project team: V.Klikov sculptor, architect and engineer A.Semirdzhiev G.Solohin. The height of the bell tower is 59 meters inside - tocsin ringing, and installed on the dome of a sphere with syamіmetrovay figure of the Virgin - patron saint of Russia.

      Field of Prokhorovka, after Kulіkoўskіm and Borodino fields, can be considered the third place the glory of Russia, because it is here that took the biggest tank battle, the outcome of the Kursk Bulge. In April 1995, the Decree of the President of Russia, Proharaўskae field given the status of the State Military History Museum.

      The walls of the bell tower are four pylons of white marble, which symbolize the four years of bloody war. Pylons are decorated with reliefs on the theme of Orthodoxy and the heroism of the defenders of the Motherland. A tocsin ringing a symbol of ads of victory in the great tank battle.

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