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    Monument to Peter I in Biysk

    • Bijsk, Russia
    • Monument to Peter I in Biysk$$
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      Monument to Peter I in Biysk Altai Territory is set in 2010. Find this monument to make the most iconic photos in the city, you can park in the city named kartavyya in the old center. Right in the heart of the historic park installed a proud monument to Peter I on kanі. esto no coincidence, because it is here that was approved Biisk fortress on the personal order of Peter.

      Monument to Peter the Great is located on the pedestal of the red-brown granite height of 3 meters. Sculpture itself is made of bronze height of 3.8 meters. Monument weighs more than three and a half tons. Peter is depicted in traditional clothes Russian Army 17 century.

      Biysk - one of the six cities founded by Peter the Great, and one of two in the Urals. It is not surprising that the city is destined to appear this monument. Due to increased attendance Monument Square. Today, a monument to Peter the Great - the best-selling symbol of the city on the first magnets and most memorable landmark for visitors. Hence start sightseeing tours for tourists.

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