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    Monument locomotive series "L" Engels

    • Engels, Russia
    • Monument locomotive series "L" Engels$$
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      Monument Paravozov Series "L" appeared in Engels, Saratov region in winter 2010. To install it on the ring of streets and Soviet Lesazavodsk organizers have taken care to lay a real railroad length of half a kilometer.

      The question of the establishment of such a monument in officials Engels came back in 2009. Initiators were the leaders of the Volga Railroad. They suggested locomotive series "L" engineer LS Lebedyanskiy, as these trains traveled the Volga iron the road at the beginning of the XIX century was called the Ryazan-Ural. But unfortunately own locomotive in this series Engels was not. Old transport object pokrovchanam sold in Volgograd.

      In the same year he drove in the Saratov region, which was restored a few months, then set near the train station Engels.

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