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    Monument to heroes-aviators

    • Lipetsk, Russia
    • Monument to heroes-aviators$$
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    • In December 1968 in Lipetsk was a tragic event, immortalized the names of the two pilots of the Lipetsk aviation detachment - LA Krivenkova and S. Sherstobitova. Their plane was in distress, and began to fall on the city, but at the cost of their lives aviators could lead machine from residential areas. A year after the tragedy took place a memorial monument in honor of the heroic exploits of lіpetskіh aviators.

      The monument is a combat aircraft, mounted on a reinforced concrete pedestal in the center of the green lawn. The machine is mounted in such a way that seems about to fly up ... On a small incline at the foot of the pedestal of the monument is a memorial board. On marble bears the inscription "The monument was erected in August 1969 in honor of the heroic deeds of soldiers-pilots of the local garrison during the Civil, Great Patriotic War and in memory of the location in the city of Lipetsk Air Squadron them. VI Lenin. "

      In 2003, the monument was subjected to reconstruction - added the song sculptural group representing pilots Gere and two pylons engraved with the names of other pilots who died in the performance of their professional duties in peace time. Memorial surrounded by birch, poplar, flowers - a symbol for many lives saved by the heroic airmen.

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