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    Monument deported Volga Germans in Engels

    • Engels, Russia
    • Monument deported Volga Germans in Engels$$
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      City Engels, which is located in the Saratov region, before World War II was a German town. These lands back when foreigners identified herself Empress Catherine, and in the Soviet period by order of Stalin wagons full of Germans, was taken to Kolyma. Repression have been hundreds of thousands of people.

      On this occasion, a 70-year-old from the date of the date of the tragic deportation near Archives Volga Germans, a monument dedicated to the Germans. The author of the project was local sculptures A. Sadowski, whose works are on every corner as Engels, and in Saratov.

      The monument is a huge two-meter granite slab, in which there are two bronze figures. One moves away from the plate, the other if it go. The one that is younger, symbolizes the future, what the new generation of the Volga Germans returned to their homeland.

      A man that older traced image of those slaves who are forcibly expelled from Engels.

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