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    Lake Women

    • Melkovka, Russia
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      Women's Lake is located in the Republic of Mari El, in the east of the European part of the Russian Federation and is located approximately 12 kilometers from the urban-type settlement Yurova, two rivers - Vetluga and dymyanki. Around the pine forests with an admixture of birch and alder and surroundings of the lake is almost swamped, the bottom is sandy, muddy places, swim in the summer - a pleasure. According to the stories, even in the XX century, this place was a female monastir.Odnako netryvalastsі through karst, the entire monastery in suddenly went under water.

      From the bridge on the lake Vetluga 32-33 km and serves as a landmark bridge over an unnamed creek, next to which is paved ploschadka.Ot her to the lake is a dirt road and within a 500 meters down the road meets the first parking lot. Legend shows that one of the nuns have sinned and all the sisters began to pray to the Lord to forgive her of her sin, but, despite their prayers, the monastery began to go under water. Then the nuns decided to stay and die with sin, to atone with their lives her guilt. At the site, which went under the ground, the monastery the lake was formed, and say that the water of the lake act as rejuvenation for women.

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