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    Lake Volovo

    • volovo, Russia
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      Lake Valova disastrous, ie appeared as a result of dissolution in water of the rock formation and failure at this point, any form voids. Another such water reservoirs called karst origin. As for lake Gross, it is oval in shape, located in the funnel, its greater part is covered with mud. Legend has it that the name comes from the days when the Voronezh tract drove oxen and the lake arranged for them to drink.

      In written sources Valova lake was first mentioned in the second half of the XVI century. Was due to the strengthening of the outposts in the area after the attack of the Crimean Tatars in 1571 under the control of Khan Devlet Giray and the burning of Moscow. District Oxen located in the middle of the field Kulikov (altitude of the Upland), which stretched from the Oka River to the Don. Lake also turned out to be the main route of the Crimean nomads - Muravskiy Way. At this point, it was divided into many small roads. These roads used for driving cattle, and during military operations - for the passage of cavalry with carts. Outposts were reinforced, and high-rise location Kulikova field allowed to inspect the neighborhood at a great distance and prepare before the arrival enemy. So when in 1572 Khan Devlet Giray went back to Russia, he was defeated at the Battle of the young.

      The efforts were not in vain, and in the next, in 1572, another parish Khan Devlet Giray ended his complete defeat at the Battle of the young.

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