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    Wolf Lake Superior

    • Kutskol, Russia
    • Wolf Lake Superior$$
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    • Top Wolf Lake is among the 70 largest lakes Kolskaga Peninsula (18 km²).

      Top Wolf Lake is among the 70 largest lakes Kolskaga Peninsula (18 km²).Freshwater lake, located in the northern Murmansk region, near Manchagorsk and Olenegorsk. The adjacent ridges Tundra Wolf. The lake is located at an altitude of about 165 m. Above sea level.It belongs to the basin of the White Sea and the associated river wolf. Top Wolf lies in the dry mountainous terrain. Only in the central part there are small marshes. On the east coast scenic view of the slopes surrounding hills. Local Mountain Tuybola reaches 500 m in height.The west and south coast border with gentle hills lyasіstymі Tundra Wolf. The highest peak - Mount Yuksporr height 957 m, Sainbasternchorr (910 m), Tundra Wolf (932 m), and others.In the south of the lake originates winter road - popular among extreme tourists pass between two mountains and Mochesnyunachorr Kivayvinch. Depth Upper Wolf reaches 51 m. In the area of ​​the lake occupies 38th place in the Murmansk region.Form elongated, irregular south. Indented coast, many bays and headlands. On the east coast flaunt sandbanks. The southern part of the lake is divided into 2 parts of a large rocky peninsula.Another large, forested peninsula is situated in the north-east. Throughout the basin of the Upper Wolf scattered small unnamed islands. On the nearby hills to drain him numerous rapids, ruchaіny.The lake has a small unnamed lake. The largest of them - Lower Wolf, Kashkozero and Inkis.The nearest towns are located 20 km from the lake.

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