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    Lake Verezhun

    • Luchki, Russia
    • Lake Verezhun$$
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    • Verezhun Lake is located in the western part of the Tver region. It belongs to the basin of the river Western Dvina. Its width is 2 km, length - 4 km, the total area of ​​5.2 square kilometers.

      The shape of the lake is rounded, slightly elongated in a north-westerly direction. It is divided into a small peninsula. The shores of Lake Verezhun high and dry. In the vicinity there are several villages, one of which Verezhuni. Small duct connects the lake with Western Dvina. Reservoir refers to a type of flow. The title of the lake these thresholds on the Western Dvina - Verezhunskie.
      Verezhun rich in fish and is very attractive for tourists.

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