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    Lake Verezhun

    • Luchki, Russia
    • Lake Verezhun$$
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    • Verezhun lake located in the west of the Tver region of Russia, in the basin of the Western Dvina River. Total area - 5.2 square kilometers. Altitude - 173 meters, the length of the coastline stretches for 13 kilometers. The origin of the moraine-dammed lake.

      The shape of the lake is round, slightly elongated from north-west to south-east. The banks of the dry, high. Large and narrow peninsula, which begins near the village Verezhuni, the lake is divided into two parts. In Verezhun runs several rivers. Drain the lake is at its south-eastern part, through a short strait of a few hundred meters, that catches the Western Dvina. The lake is popular with fishermen and campers. Named lakes are called near his Verezhunskie rapids on the Western Dvina. 

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