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    Lake Swell

    • TSatsa, Russia
    • Lake Swell$$
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    • Pai - the so-called dry freshwater lake, which is one of the ten natural monuments Volgograd region. Pond belongs to the system Sarpinsk lakes and at the foot of the hill Ergeninskoy. Uniqueness Sarpinsk Lakes in fact, that they during snow melt overflow their banks and merge with each other, and during the drought, some of them dry. The lake area Swell is about 10 square kilometers, making it the largest freshwater bodies among Sarpinsk lakes. 

      Tsatsi shore reeds, which is inhabited by waterfowl and kalyavodnyya birds and snakes and marsh turtles. The lake is rich in fish, is home to carp, perch, pike, ropes, chikamasy and other species.

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