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    Lake "Sobakinskikh pit" in Tatarstan

    • Nizhnie vyazovye, Russia
    • Lake "Sobakinskikh pit" in Tatarstan$$
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    • Sobakinskikh pits these karst lakes form a single gіdralagіchnym system. The lakes are located in Tatarstan, Zelenodolsk on the territory of the district. Sobakinskikh pit - it waters, stretched in a chain parallel to the bed of the Volga. On the other hand they fenced off Vyazovsky crest of the mountains. The distance between adjacent lakes - not more than a hundred meters, most of them filled with clean water. Sobakinskikh pit used as a recreational area, and a large number of fish in lakes attract their fishing lovers.

      Of all the waters that make up a system called Sobakinskikh pit, as the largest point and Disastrous Sabakіn. About the size of the other lakes can be judged based on the fact that the round shape Sabakіn is 30 meters in length and up to 30 meters width. Its depth of 2 meters.
      Chain Lakes Sobakinskikh pit is one of the natural monuments of Tatarstan.

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