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    Lake Shamsutdin

    • Birsk, Russia
    • Lake Shamsutdin$$
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      Shamsutdin - a lake in the City Bіrsk area in Bashkortostan, is located seven kilometers from the city Bіrsk City. Has a drain in the Belaya River (Agіdel). Is a natural monument with the 1965 year. On the bank of the same name is a holiday home.

      This picturesque lake is an important recreation, ecological and recreational value, so is under state protection.

      Here there are populations of rare plant species such as Nuphar pumila, geteropediya simple and others. Among the animals you can see a large bull, osprey, white-tailed eagle and others.

      Beautiful scenery attract travelers and vacationers, but the collection of plants and hunting animals is strictly prohibited.

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