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    Lake Savinskoe

    • Zhilino, Russia
    • Lake Savinskoe$$
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    • Savinskoe Lake is located in the Tver region in Zapadnodvinsky District. It is part of a cascade of lakes and bordered by lakes Nereta, Benetskii and back. The shape of the lake oval, extended to the south, an area of ​​about 3 square kilometers. On the banks are settlements and Baruzda Spіrydavym.

      Lake Savinskoe - a wonderful place for outdoor recreation. It is very clean forest, rich in berries and mushrooms. In the crystal clear water is rich in fish. Pesky mosquitoes and flies are almost there, so Savinskoe ideal for families with children. Tourists are not very many, so enjoy the quiet and picturesque landscapes you no hurt.

      If you're lucky, you can watch the storks, which in the area a lot. Mysterious abandoned village on the shores of the lake provide an air of mystery. Reach the shore on any car is not difficult - staircase dry, but in the forest there is a parking lot. 

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