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    Lake disastrous Tatarstan

    • Nizhnie vyazovye, Russia
    • Lake disastrous Tatarstan$$
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      The lake is a disaster in the territory of the Republic of Tatarstan Zelenodolsk district. The nearest town - the village Ulitin, located 800 meters north-west of the lake. Oval-shaped body of water has no outlet, the origin of its karst. Length disastrous 50 meters, with a width of 30 meters. The depth of the lake an average of 5 meters, maximum - 7 meters.
      The lake is fed by groundwater, water is colorless, odorless and very transparent - an indicator of transparency of a layer of 270 cm. The lake is used as a failure recreation area, human activities are limited to the sphere of household. Since 1978, received the status of a failure of the monument nature republic of Tatarstan.

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