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    Lake Prishib

    • Malye Derbety, Russia
    • Lake Prishib$$
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    • Prishib Lake is located in the Republic of Kalmykia in Maloderbetovsky area. Salt in the summer dry lake is part of the Sarpinsk lakes, occupying an intermediate position between the lake and the lake Barmantsak Ungun-Terechi. Near to the pond, that lies at the foot Ergeninskoy hill town - small village Derbety, which is adjacent to the Prishib in the north-western part of the coast. Meals lake is due to rainwater and meltwater. Prishib refers to the West Caspian baseynavymі County length of the lake about 5.8 km, width - about 2.5 kilometers.

      Next to the name Prishib lake has another two names: the Almaty and greyhounds. The first - the Almaty probably formed from modified Kalmyk words "Yalmtin" derived from "Yalmata" - Jerboa river. Greyhound - this peraaguchana "chords", translated from Kalmyk which means "bird woman" - the so-called Kalmyks pelican.

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