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    Lake Song

    • Polosy, Russia
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      The lake is located in the song Zapolskaya parish that Plyusskі district of the Pskov region. On its shore there are such villages as bands and Zapesene. The total area of ​​the reservoir - 485 ha, maximum depth - 3.1 meters, the average depth is 1.5 meters. After 1953-1955 years when the water level in the lake was lowered, the lake area decreased by 60 ha.

      The song is a tributary of the river and part of the Plus Basin Pesnitsa. This lake of sewage, roach-Okunevo type, it also found a lot of bream, pike, roach, perch, ўyuna, carp, perch and tench. Reservoir is steep and low banks, which are covered with meadows, forests and swamps.
      The song is famous for being on the bank stands the famous manor-museum "Vechasha", where at one time lived composer NA Rimsky-Korsakov.

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