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    Lake Muldakkul

    • Mihajlovka, Russia
    • Lake Muldakkul$$
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      Lake Muldakkul (locals call it Tozlokul) translated from the Bashkir as "salt lake". It's really salty lake byasstsekavae, which is located in Abzelilovsky District in Bashkortostan. Nearby is the village of Lake and Mount Muldak-tau. 15 km west of - the city of Magnitogorsk.

      Muldakkul located in the watershed of the river and the river Yangelka Small Dogwood.

      On steep banks of the pond is not growing halophytes (salt-loving plants) - glasswort and puccinellia. Rare forest of large amounts of salt. At some point along the banks and on the bottom of the lake has large reserves of salt curative black mud, which is used by many sanatoriums Bashkortostan.

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