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    Lake Lompad

    • Lyudinovo, Russia
    • Lake Lompad$$
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      Lake Lompad - handmade Lyudinovsky reservoir, which is characterized by its remarkable purity and beauty. This place - a paradise for real ecotourists.

      The name of the lake means "swampy Pad".

      Lompad is the largest lake in the Kaluga region - an area of ​​8.7 square kilometers, the length - 16 km, and in some places reaches a depth of 16 meters.

      There are more than 15 species of fish: perch, roach, bream, yarshy, rudd, pike, carp, so the place is an excellent option for fishing and a good rest.

      The lake is very appreciated among locals who are trying to keep it clean.

      Tourists who come to the lake, a large number, but they are, unfortunately, not always protective of the natural environment.

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