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    Lake Kuchanov

    • Mihnovo, Russia
    • Lake Kuchanov$$
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      Externally Lake Kuchanov does not stand out among the many ponds Sorotskoy lowlands, there are more beautiful, majestic and picturesque. But the word "Kucan" makes people awe when it comes to Pushkin places. On its shores are located Mikhailovskoe Petrovsky, Trygorskae. It was a great poet he admired from the windows of his house. Its area is 1.7 square kilometers, the average depth of 2.4 meters, and the highest - 3.5 meters.

      The lake has low banks, very zaіlenaya and wetlands. In 1970 it carried out cleaning work. It is included in the buffer zone of the Pushkin Museum.

      Dominant species of fish that can be found here: pike, bream, roach, ruff, perch and carp.

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