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    Lake Dus-Khol

    • Mezhegej, Russia
    • Lake Dus-Khol$$
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    • Lake Dus-Khol (second name Svatikov) is located 45 kilometers south of the city of Kyzyl, Tuva Republic, three kilometers to the west of Lake Hadin, and 3.5 kilometers east of the lake How-Khol.

      The lake is located in the southern part of the basin Tuvіnskay on a slope which is exposed sandy-argillaceous rocks of the Jurassic period. Depression is surrounded by hilly plains. The altitude is 707 meters. The waterfront and relatively flat, in some locations and are not sand woody vegetation. Lake little swamped.

      The lake has an oval shape. Its length is 1.4 km, width - 0.5, and the area - 0.55 square kilometers. On the eastern and southern shores of the lake there are two sources of salt water, which are the main power reservoirs.

      The lake is very popular among the residents of the eastern region of the country. In the summer here comes a lot of tourists, up to 1500 people.

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