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    Lake Aktashskoe failure

    • Staryj Ishteryak, Russia
    • Lake Aktashskoe failure$$
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    • Aktashskoe failure - lake located in Almetyevsk district, in the Republic of Tatarstan. According to official figures this karst lake - the deepest in Tatarstan. Measurements in 1966 recorded the greatest depth of 28 meters. Aktashskoe failure occupies an area 0.1 ha, the volume of water in the lake - 3,3 thousand cubic meters. Power reservoir is due to groundwater.

      The lake, which was formed in 1939 and in 1978 declared a natural monument of the Tatar Republic, has its unusual, semi-legendary story of origin. Not far from one of the villages Almetyevsk district, Upper Aktas, tractor working on collective farm field. Suddenly, the ground beneath the tractor failed, and formed a circular crater filled with water.

      If you believe the stories of local residents, the farm tractor to find it was not possible, but the mechanic fortunately escaped. First dip was deeper - about 52 meters, with a diameter of 5 meters. After two decades, the depth has decreased by about 20 meters and the diameter of the funnel up to 25 meters, and now at this place pretty clean deep lake Aktashskoe failure.

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