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    Island Water

    • Iki-CHonos, Russia
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    • Water Island, on Lake Manych-Gudilo in the Rostov region attracted the attention that lives on it wild horse population. Around their appearance on the island, many legends and fairy tales. One of them says that Batu Khan hid in the water valuable treasure, and as a guard left his horses.

      In fact, the island has appeared relatively recently and the result of calculation errors in the construction of a water canal between the rivers Egorlyk and Kuban. When the canal was built, and let the water last flowed in the neighborhood and flooded pastures, leaving only several islands.

      The island is located in the State Reserve on Lake Manych-Gudilo in Arloўskіm district of Rostov region. This is a hilly area with flat banks on the one hand and a large cliff on the other. It only grow herbaceous steppe plants: thyme, tarragon, fescue, and not a single tree or shrub.

      Once upon a time on the island bred sheep and horses. But, over time, the water began to gather salt, and with the economy, it was decided to finish. Animals would translate to the "mainland". But the horses were so out of control that are so out there and left.

      It is still not clear how the horses have survived to the present time. Currently, a herd of wild horses taken under the protection of UNESCO, and Russian scientists are studying this population, trying to figure out how to change in October, have lost the support of people.

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