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    Lower Park

    • Lipetsk, Russia
    • Lower Park$$
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      Lower Park - one of the favorite places of recreation for residents of Lipetsk. It is the largest urban park, which is very popular. His creation of the park shall emperor Peter the Great, who during a stop in Lipetsk in the midst of the Azov campaigns discovered the healing springs.

      One day, walking along the river Lіpaўka with Admiral IA Syanyavіnym, at the foot of Peter A. I saw a transparent source that gushes out of the ground. Since he lived many years abroad emperor had a wonderful view of the useful properties mineral waters and on the European resorts, he suggested that the revealed spring water can have healing properties. By order of Peter the Great at the source was built well with oak framework.

      For a long time Russian resorts less popular compared to European, but after the French Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars possibility of going abroad have become limited. It was at that point that the rapid development of Lipetsk resort. Since the XIX century, it is a favorite place for recreation and walks. Today, the park operates two dozen rides, growing more than 50 species of trees and shrubs, including oaks and limes.

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