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    Nizhnekamsk Reservoir

    • Biyurgan, Russia
    • Nizhnekamsk Reservoir$$
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    • Nіzhnyakamsk reservoir is located in the valley of the river Kama reservoir was built in 1979. Reservoir appeared as a result of rising water levels in the river to an intermediate point in 62.0 meters.
      Nіzhnyakamsk dam was built to provide daily and weekly redistribution of flow to hydro to generate energy. Air supply costs are passed annually in transit way downstream.
      Reservoir area - 1080 square kilometers, the total volume - 2.9 cubic kilometers. 49.8% of the total area of ​​the reservoir occupies shallow water. The length of the reservoir on the river Kama - 185 kilometers along the river Belaya - 157 kilometers. The maximum width of the reservoir reaches 20 miles, average - 4 kilometers. The catchment area - 366 square kilometers.

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