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    Nizhnekamsk Mosque

    • Nizhnekamsk, Russia
    • Nizhnekamsk Mosque$$
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      Nіzhnyakamsk Mosque, located in Nіzhnyakamsk is central to Muslim temple city. It was built in 1989-1996 years by the architects I. Sabіtava Makuevim GI and FG khans.

      Nіzhnyakamsk Mosque is a religious complex area of ​​2.5 thousand square meters, which includes the Center of Culture and History, library, hotel, average madrasah "Rysaliev," in which youth learn-Muslims from all over Russia. Mosque is the first mosque with many minarets in Tatarstan nearamanskі style.

      Odnozalnyh mosque Jami has no dome, covered with a gable roof. At the corners are four minarets 66 meters. The main entrance to the mosque is located in the west and east of the building. The main prayer hall is on the second floor of the mosque and has an area of ​​900 square meters.

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