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    Nicholas village

    • Maslovka, Russia
    • Nicholas village$$
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    • Nicholas village - the administrative center of Rostov region. Village was founded in 1836 with two small towns.

      Until the mid-17th century Don steppes were practically deserted area, which was called Don Field. Inhabited this area people who volunteered to defend the border (they were called Cossacks), as well as those seeking asylum peasants. Gradually appeared Cossack villages, which were later merged into the Don Cossacks. Later, these towns were called village. Nicholas village got its name in 1843.

      Today village - is a densely populated area item that consists of several hamlets.
      Of the attractions of the village can be identified memorial. It is a panorama of military events, located on a pedestal. In the center is the Eternal Flame.

      Also in the village was rebuilt previously destroyed by the Soviets stone Nicholas Church. By residents of the village has been restored almost all of its filling.

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