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    Nevyansk leaning tower

    • Nevyansk, Russia
    • Nevyansk leaning tower$$
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      Nyaўyansk tower - a unique inclined structure located in the center of Nyaўyansk. It was built on the orders of Akinfiy Demidov in the first half of the XVIII century. Its height is 57.5 m, and the base is a square which has sides by 9.5 m. Deviation tower from the vertical is about 1.85 m. The exact date of construction is unknown, different sources of this event is dated from 1721 to 1745.

      The tower is a magnificent massive chveryk, on top of which there are three octagonal tiers. Inside it is divided into several floors. Appointment of the first of them is not precisely determined, the second - located office Demidov, but by the Soviet power here was a prison. On the third floor was located an old laboratory in which tried to smelt gold and silver.

      Even higher is the so-called "hearing room." Its peculiarity is that standing in one corner of the room, you can hear what they say on the opposite side. This effect is due to the unique shape of the ceiling - he vaulted and This slightly flattened.

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