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    Nevsky Prospect

    • Sankt-Peterburg, Russia
    • Nevsky Prospect$$
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      Nevsky Prospect - one of the first streets of St. Petersburg. Nevsky Prospekt was originally conceived as a way from the Admiralty to the Alexander Nevsky Monastery. Direct street was named "Neva pershpektiva" on behalf of the monastery. Clearing and paving built road monks Alexander Nevsky Monastery, and the prisoners Swedes. Construction Avenue was completed in 1720, the land along the Nevsky immediately became animated: they began to settle workers and servants of the monastery.

      The current prospectus is the busiest and one of the most beautiful streets of the northern capital. Avenue crosses the river Moika (Green Bridge), Griboyedov Canal (Kazansky Bridge), Fontanka (Anichkov Bridge). Maximum width is 60 meters (in the arcade) the lowest - 25 meters (from washing).

      Prospect - a treasure trove of architectural monuments and famous buildings. Here, a house built in 1804-06 years., Where they lived ASGriboyedov and Mussorgsky, Stroganov Palace - the only building that remained unchanged since it was built in the middle of the XVIII century - Dutch Church of St. Petersburg, the German Protestant Church of St. Peter, known throughout Russia St. Petersburg "House of Books", Kazan Cathedral, the famous Milyutinsky and Silver series, St. Catherine's Church, the Armenian Apostolic Church St. Catherine, "Big courtyard seating" and much more.

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