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    Unfinished abandoned tower

    • Ekaterinburg, Russia
    • Unfinished abandoned tower$$
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      Yekaterinburg TV Tower is a telecommunications tower unfinished in the Sverdlovsk region, Yekaterinburg.

      Its construction was started in 1983, when the regional government decided to transfer all TELERADIOCOMMUNICATIONS to this place. The project was planned that the height of the tower will be 361 meters. Also in the plans was to create a high-altitude restaurants, such as the Seventh Ostankino TV tower in the sky.

      Construction took Spetszhelezobetonstroy company that already had experience in the construction of Vilna and the Ostankino television towers. Construction continued until 1991, and then started having problems with the financing and the project frozen.

      Total for the construction has been allocated 11 million rubles, but only 2 of them were spent.
      Now the height of the tower is 220 meters, and it is the highest point of Yekaterinburg. Discusses options for its recovery, but so far only in the plans.

      The tower has become a popular destination for adventurers, climbers and samagubtsaў, according to some estimates more than 20 people took his own life on the tower.

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