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    Narzan gallery

    • Kislovodsk, Russia
    • Narzan gallery$$
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      Narzan gallery in Kislovodsk is located in the city center. There is also the source Narzan, which existed during the time of Lermontov stay in these places. In the southern part of the gallery is a well Narzan, a roof over it installed light lantern. At this point, once traded mineral water with various resorts, sold mare, next poured into bottles of mineral water.

      The first mention of seltzer are 1717 One theory about the age of the source says that he is the same age as Mount Elbrus. Education mountains has caused cracks in dalamіtavaga layers through which the surface and began to flow seltzer.

      Water sources are very acidic, it equates to running water, often mentioned in fairy tales. Now the gallery is drinking Center, which released seltzer three types - general, dolomite and sulfate.

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