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    Museum-Reserve Kolomenskoye

    • Tagankovo, Russia
    • Museum-Reserve Kolomenskoye$$
    • +7 499-612-52-17
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      Museum-Reserve Kolomenskoye - a picturesque park in the former residence of the Russian tsars.

      From the XIV century Kolomna served as the summer residence of the rulers of Moscow. According to historical sources, the troops stayed here Dmitry Donskoy after the Battle of Kulikovo in 1380 and the troops of Peter I after the Battle of Poltava in 1709, going into the military hiking wife Grand Duke of Moscow, there were other events related to the history of the Russian state.

      In 1532 there was built one of the first hipped stone temples in Russia - Church of the Ascension, now, with the Kremlin and Red Square, it enters the World Heritage List of UNESCO.

      Next to it stands the current church Our Lady of Kazan. In the center of the estate - stone sundial, mighty centenarian oaks, surrounded by a chain fence and wooden house-museum of Peter the Great with the imprints of his hands and a notch, which marks two meters tall great sovereign.

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