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    Museum-Reserve "Tomsk Pisanitsa"

    • Kolmogorovo, Russia
    • Museum-Reserve "Tomsk Pisanitsa"$$
    • +7 3842 75-86-33
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      "Tomsk pisanitsa" - the first in Siberia muzeefіkavats monument of rock art, unique complex history and culture of the peoples of Eurasia. The ancient natural-historical sanctuary contains about 280 pictures.

      The earliest paintings date from the late Neolithic period (3-4 thousand years BC) - a moose, bear, anthropomorphic creatures, sun signs, birds, boats. Drawings of the Bronze Age (2000 BC) - deer-sun, masks, ptitselyudi. Numerous drawings are unique and are masterpieces of primitive art.

      "Tomsk pisanitsa" includes three main exhibition complex devoted to archeology, ethnography and natural science. Each of them, in turn, is represented by several independent exhibitions and museum complex, related to each with one another and with the natural landscape into one storyline. The idea behind this idea to show the ways of human existence in a given geographical environment from ancient times to the recent past.

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