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    Museum-Reserve "Pavlovsk"

    • Pavlovsk, Russia
    • Museum-Reserve "Pavlovsk"$$
    • +7 (812) 452-15-36
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    • The city is located Pavlovsk State Museum-Reserve "Pavlovsk", which in XVIII - early XIX centuries. was the summer residence of Emperor Paul I and his family.

      One of the largest residences in Europe covers an area of ​​600 hectares. It is a beautiful architectural and park ensemble, located on the banks of the river Slavyanka. The relief of the winding banks of the river formed the basis of the idea of ​​the landscape of the park - it looks like a shmat'yarusnay composition, where alternate and complement each other vegetation and architectural structures.

      Depending on the characteristics of a particular area park is divided into seven sectors landscape: Pridvortsovy, Slavyanka River Valley, Big Star with the valley ponds, White Birch, Parade Field, Old and New Sylvia Sylvia. The central architectural monument park - The palace, golden-white building, located on one of the highest places of the coast. Also in the park, you can see other great facilities Pink Pavilion, the colonnade of Apollo, Cold Bath, dairy, decorate the park marble and bronze sculptures. The museum contains a collection of Russian portrait painting and graphic types Pavlovsky.

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