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    Museum "Young Defenders of the Homeland"

    • Zubkov, Russia
    • Museum "Young Defenders of the Homeland"$$
    • +7 (4712) 35-49-38
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      For the victory in the Great Patriotic War, fought not only adults warriors, but also the younger generation. In the fighting was attended by over 300 thousand. Teenagers, including 60 thousand. Killed, about 4 thousand were from the Kursk region. In memory of these heroes, Kursk, in February 1977 the museum was founded "Young defenders of the homeland."

      First, the museum was located in the Palace of Culture, and in 1991, which became a state - became part of the Kursk Regional Museum. The museum consists of three thematic halls: "Eaglets Kursk land"; "In the fire they fell to mature"; "Their memory - the highest award." Museum exhibition tells the story of heroism, courage, destiny, no longer just a boy, and Defenders of the Motherland. The museum consists of 100 thousand. Exhibit. It's personal affairs and things guys: Komsomol tickets, blood and irrigation penetration of bullets; letters and diaries; awards; fragments and shells.

      Residents of more than 32 countries were guests of the museum. The museum holds international conferences and meetings of ex-combatants is a member of the International Peace March.

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