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    Museum coachman

    • CHannikovo, Russia
    • Museum coachman$$
    • +7 8 (48534) 2-97-42
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      Museum cab is part of the museum complex "Country cab." The complex is dedicated towards the cab, who previously worked in the village of much of the population, and talks about all the intricacies of his work.

      Place for the museum was chosen according to the story - before Gavrilov-Yam was founded by Gabriel coachman, and held here post station. Since then, the city became the center coachmen that went to Moscow, Suzdal and Yaroslavl.

      Today, the museum restored the situation at the time when the cab drivers in their top three were the main means of transportation other than walking course. The museum features several exhibitions, including the open. Here you can see the house cab, furniture, kitchenware and other trim, corresponding to the time.

      Also in the museum presents the tools and parts and accessories that are used coachmen. Visitors who are interested can try yourself as a cab to see the competition or take a master class.

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