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    Museum-Estate AV Suvorov

    • Ledinka, Russia
    • Museum-Estate AV Suvorov$$
    • +7 (81664) 98 544
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      Museum-Estate AV Suvorov, located in the village of Kanchanskae - the only one surviving possessions of the great commander. The widespread popularity of the manor found when here in the years 1797-1799 was sent into exile AV Suvorov. Commander, almost half a century faithfully served Russia, was sacked by Emperor Paul I and exiled to a secluded estate in the Novgorod province.

      Opening of the House-Museum of AV Suvorov in the village Kanchanskae occurred on October 25, 1942. It was a symbolic act, because in those years the country has led a fierce struggle against the fascist invaders, and the new museum was to glorify the military exploits of the Russian people, recall of past victories. Since then, it took 70 years, and over the years the museum has expanded and evolved. In 1965, near the village, on the mountain Dubiha was restored summer home of the commander, in 1925 was destroyed by fire. After another ten years and adrestaўryravanym partially restored stone building of the former church of St. Alexander Nevsky was opened to the public exposure of the diorama "Alpine hike Suvorov".

      Among the many exhibits - original things that made the decoration of the house Generalissimo Suvorov era furniture, personal belongings of the commander and their copies. Numerous portraits, prints, sculptures, documents tell the story in detail Links AV Suvorov. Usually visitors struck by the fact how he lived modestly great commander, accustomed to strict military way of life - in the house there is nothing superfluous, no pomp - all modest and functional.

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