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    Monument "Connecting fronts"

    • Pyatimorskij, Russia
    • Monument "Connecting fronts"$$
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      One of the many attractions of the Volgograd region is a monument to the "Connection fronts", created in memory of the victory by the Battle of Stalingrad. Depicted in the monument represents a group of soldiers meeting and further compound two fronts - the Stalingrad and South-West. With flags waving in the wind was transferred to the triumph of the meeting. An interesting fact is that the monument is not located in the historic junction of the front, and next to it, as it is now at the bottom of the reservoir Karpoўskay.

      The height of the monument "Connecting fronts" without pedestal is about 17 meters. It is a sculptural group of 4 figures, made of reinforced concrete. The monument was erected on the 11-meter artificial hill, the land for the creation of which was removed from the channel channel. Sculpture is located on trohstupenіstym pedestal, stands on the site of the concrete slabs. To him are broad steps. The monument is surrounded by vegetation.

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