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    Metropolitan Chamber (Yaroslavl)

    • Yaroslavl, Russia
    • Metropolitan Chamber (Yaroslavl)$$
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    • Mіtrapalіchy Palace - one of the oldest buildings in Yaroslavl. Built in 1690, the year mіtrapalіchy palace served as the residence of Metropolitan Jonah of Rostov and Yaroslavl Sysoevicha. In the 18th century in the wards settled Governor AP Mel'gunov. One time one of the his distinguished guests became Catherine the Great. Living in metropolitan chambers, the Empress wrote comedies for 5 Russian theater.

      When the communist revolution of the Metropolitan Chamber of artillery shells were fired, resulting in a severely damaged. But at the same time the building has fallen plaster, which was discovered by ancient masonry with beautiful decor of the 17th century. Later restorers have removed most of the plaster to expose the former appearance of the building.

      Today in the metropolitan chambers is a museum.

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