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    The landing of the world's first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin

    • Smelovka, Russia
    • The landing of the world's first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin$$
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      Of course, the first manned space flight was a grand event in the USSR. Thousands of newspapers trumpeted about this all over the world. Yuri Gagarin several years preparing for an important step both for themselves and for the country. All actions were painted in seconds. But it so happened that at the last moment it all went wrong as planned. The reason is a failure in the braking system, in which astronaut was on the ground in Saratov. That is far from the village Smelovka Engels district. Landed the first to see the person were simple rural people who thus went down in history.

      A place where the people stopped cosmonaut Gagarin called field. From the early days to establish a simple wooden sign on which was written in white paint significant date. Later established the monument. Today the landing takes Gagarin obelisk in the form of missiles and a huge figure astronaut.

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